Crossdomain acknowledges that as an entity in the society, it is responsible to the society at various levels. Through Social Compliance, Environmental Compliance and Safety Compliance the organization ensures that it is a responsible member of the social and business community.




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Social compliance is at the heart of Crossdomain, which is entrenched in policies and practices to ensure health and well-being of our employees and the community we belong to. Crossdomain adheres to the following practices to ensure social compliance:

  • Flexi-timings, to enable people to fulfill their social/family commitments, thereby engaging them in better relationship with their families and their community.

  • We have adopted a well-planned work schedule, thus avoiding graveyard shifts, which accounts for excellent health of our employees.

  • Crossdomain’s social compliance policy has accounted for various facilities and measures for women, which include maternity leave, child and family welfare, flexi work schedule, etc.

  • Crossdomain’s emphasis on employee care is enunciated through a comprehensive medical insurance and accident relief policies provided to all the employees.

  • Crossdomain’s commitment to society is exhibited by the slew of projects, initiatives driven by the management.

  • To step up its CSR activities, Crossdomain has set up an office in Shivamogga, providing job opportunities to the talented localites and ensuring a well balanced growth of the society at large.

  • Another noteworthy display of social responsibility was Crossdomain's significant contribution to the PM relief fund towards Bihar flood relief & rehabilitation of villages.

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