Crossdomain acknowledges that as an entity in the society, it is responsible to the society at various levels. Through Social Compliance, Environmental Compliance and Safety Compliance the organization ensures that it is a responsible member of the social and business community.




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Data integrity and Confidentiality have been priority, ensuring that no printed material is misused either internally or externally. All printed materials are shredded within the office premises and digital data is secured in a state-of-the-art data-centre manned by authorized personnel with intrusion detection and firewalls, to protect the servers from any unauthorized access. Crossdomain has also laid utmost emphasis on safety & security of the employees and organization at large.

  • CCTV cameras has been installed in office premises and monitored 24 hours by the Security.

  • Only Authorized personnel from IT and Facility have the access to the server room.

  • The Company has engaged one of the most reputed Professional Transport companies in Bangalore. Good practices include a thorough background check to verify conduct of each driver.

  • Crossdomain regularly conducts education, training and awareness camps on employee safety, emergency response and first-aid, equipping the employee with the knowledge to manage emergencies efficiently, either at workplace or at home.

  • Fire safety measures have been implemented, as a part of our facility management program, to ensure utmost safety to our employees and data security.

  • Periodic fire safety drills and maintenance, ensures preparedness and creates awareness for the employees.
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