Crossdomain, over a period of several years and rich experience, has acquired unparallel knowledge in the KPO space. The market dynamics, client preferences and employee expectations have been mastered. This allows Crossdomain to share some of the knowledge to give a better view of the KPO market in general and Payroll services in particular.


Payroll/HR Services

Crossdomain specializes in rendering a wide range of knowledge process outsourcing services for major Indian and multinational companies, which give enormous freedom for the clients to focus on their core business and leverage their expertise to derive optimum results.

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According to a recent research by Gartner; India is the undisputed leader in offshore services, for numerous major organizations across the globe, which save billions of dollars annually.

  • Indian KPO sector will lead the global market with a 71% share by 2010.
  • A CAGR of 49.5 % is estimated for the Indian KPO sector by 2010.
  • KPO exports will touch $12 billion by 2010.
  • 250,000 professionals will be employed by the KPO industry by 2010.

KPO is the next boom segment for the Indian outsourcing sector. The large availability of talented workforce and a huge demand for outsourcing services ensures that India is a natural leader and is bound to continue to hold onto the position for a long time to come. The KPO industry is poised to be the most important development in the near future.

A fine line of balance between process innovation, efficient resource management and sustained customer relations has to be established. Optimizing and sharing risks & benefits in consultation with clients and partners enables the flourishing of long-term partnerships that is crucial to sustenance. Making the clientele, partners, vendors and employees your associates in progress enlarges the vision for the industry. The effort from various corners of the marketplace will give the added impetus to the KPO sector; thus upping the growth rate even higher. Owing to technology and process innovation, a boost in value delivered to clients is realized. A clear understanding and vision of the services offered, helps us create a sound platform for the scaling up activity.

Any organization in this space has to follow the basics diligently to see any results.
Processes: All activities should be measured against the results they produce.
Technology: Intelligent technology adoption is instrumental in helping manage through a rough phase.
People: Managing your resources efficiently might well be your best bet; leverage the potential of people capital by striking equilibrium between the projects and employee morale.

With a strong backing from the large client-base, it is time for the players to really sit up and make best possible use of this opportunity – the corporate denizens of the world need our support more than ever before. As declared by NASSCOM, the industry is well positioned to achieve the targets for 2010. This positive outlook should be well-noted and used as a confidence boosting tool. A tough market-place will weed out the weak and incompetent; leaving the stronger ones with a clearer direction and renewed zeal to grow. With zero margins for error, any organization that functions as a synchronized team of swimmers will reap the benefits of precisely trained professionals and carefully cultivated enterprise-wide practices.


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