Crossdomain follows stringent processes to ensure that the quality and delivery of the results are impeccable. The meticulous processes have been constructed for multiple fields including, IT Management, People Management, Project Management and Quality Compliance, which cumulatively ensures that customer delight is achieved.



Crossdomain is founded by industry experts; with characteristic zeal to meet the knowledge process outsourcing industry requirements, globally. The objective has always been to offer the best ROI through best practices, for delivering continual value to customers and stakeholders.


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Crossdomain adopted Kaizen across all processes and objective were to have small and effective improvements. ‘KAI’ – Continuous and ZEN – Improvement according to Japanese and many industries across the world have used this approach for the process management. We have effective executed KAIZEN projects across the organization.

Six Sigma Approach

Six Sigma is a rigorous and disciplined methodology that uses data and statistical analysis to measure and improve a company’s operational performance by identifying and eliminating “defects” in manufacturing and service-related issues.

Crossdomain is on the verge of achieving Six Sigma standards through an enterprise-wide and beyond (extending to the client organization) measurements. The Six Sigma aspiration has led to the implementation of several processes and new initiatives that are listed below.

Crossdomain in a short span of six months has achieved Six Sigma qualities with over 85% of its clients, up from 60%, from various verticals such as accounting services, etc., This is a commendable achievement taking into consideration the short duration of implementation and the challenges confronted by our teams in meeting client requirements.

Internal Initiatives:

1. ZED: Through ZED or the Zero Error Delivery initiative, Crossdomain emphasized the importance of accuracy and timeliness of reports/output delivered to the customer.

2. ZED++: Through ZED++, apart from accuracy and timeliness, responsiveness to client queries and ad hoc service requests were also brought into the purview.

Customer Front

Communicating the performance levels is the lifeline of KPO contracts, as it helps in identifying process shortages at either end that cause gaps between planned versus delivered. At the end of each performance cycle, our teams make available “Dashboard” and “Error Log Report”, besides the “Monthly MIS Report” delivered to the key stakeholders of the client (in most cases CEOs of different companies are also a recipient in our mailing list).

1. Dashboard: This is a display of various measurements such as timelines and accuracy of inputs, performance accuracy & timeliness, review of output, number of instances of escalations in the processing period, process related issues, responsiveness and process improvement opportunities.

2. Error Log Report: This report details the list of errors in reporting, the date of detection, the document in which error was detected, impact of the error and the reason for the error. This could be utilized to again redefine the hand-offs between the client coordinator and Crossdomain.

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