Crossdomain acknowledges that as an entity in the society, it is responsible to the society at various levels. Through Social Compliance, Environmental Compliance and Safety Compliance the organization ensures that it is a responsible member of the social and business community.




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Crossdomain is extremely sensitive to environmental issues and has stringent policies and measures to ensure least environmental change.

Measures taken to reduce environmental pollution and damage include a policy to reduce, reuse, and recycle of paper. Crossdomain conducted an event to educate and create awareness on environmental conservation and promoted the afforestation program through sapling planting drives by employees, engaging them actively in environmental conservation measures.

Crossdomain’s energy conservation measures, including optimal use of lights and air-conditioners in the campuses, use of environment compliant PCs & electrical fittings has proven healthy for the environment we work in. Providing employee transport to conserve fossil fuels and reduce environmental pollution, has contributed significantly to the efforts of conservation.

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