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Crossdomain creates an environment that is harmonious and versatile allowing every employee to express their creative spirits, thereby enabling their growth.

Regular, creative, fun-based activities are planned to give the workplace an injection of freshness, dynamism and vitality that also promotes creativity and employee bonding, leading to increased efficiency.

1. Fun Fridays: Crossdomain encourages and nurtures relationship building within the employees which sketches an amicable and fun-filled environment to work. Weekly activities, such as games and entertainment shows are organized to energize the employees and unleash the latent talent in them.

2. Z-Cube: Z-Cube is a quarterly activity which typically involves an offsite team outing. This event fosters team spirit and engages employees to interact with their team members outside the office.

3. Spectrum: Spectrum is a quarterly event, which provides a forum to the management and employees to interact with each other. Various outstanding performers are also recognized and are awarded for their contribution. This event also serves as a medium to introduce new members of the Crossdomain's ever growing team.

4. X-ite: X-ite is Crossdomain's star event. It is held annually and the whole organization participates in it. It also celebrates recognized talents in the company. It is packed with fun-filled events engaging everyone and encourages overall participation.

5. Employee Hot-Seat: An interactive session introduced to infuse the sense of togetherness among peers, this activity is styled after the fashion of Talk Shows of Celebrities. A random Crossdomainer is chosen every fortnight and a series of questions are shot out at him/her.

6. X-League: A platform to share ideas, X-league is all about innovation. Again a quarterly event, it has been primal in infusing the culture of innovation and creative thinking in the DNA of the organization.

Best Practices
Crossdomain acknowledges that as an entity in the society, it is responsible to the society at various levels. Through Social Compliance, Environmental Compliance and Safety Compliance the organization ensures that it is a responsible member of the social and business community.
Best Practices