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  • Overview

Crossdomain’s key strength lies in the ability to combine extensive industry knowledge and advanced technical expertise to enable enterprises to realize significant Return on Investment. Crossdomain has more than a decade of expertise in software development and delivery in payroll, HR and process automation/BPM domain. Our solutions have enabled clients to reduce turnaround time, improve productivity and save on costs year after year.

At Crossdomain, we lay a strong foundation for any application or product development by combining the process excellence exercise with the requirement analysis. We achieve this by building the SME within the technology team for specific project and product. By working with our clients as their stakeholder, we enable them to define their requirements, which is a key driver for our success.

Solutions Offered
  • Software Development & Maintenance
  • Software Testing
  • Infrastructure Setup & Management
  • Consulting
  • Architecture
    Configuration & Installation

  • Expertise in software development
  • Process-driven development environment
  • Adoption of unique hybrid developmental model
  • Leverage 64 bit platform for projects & product development
  • Flexibility in system improvement without additional cost
  • Experienced development team from technology and project management backgrounds

Success Stories
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