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  • Overview

Effective Human Resource (HR) solutions are essential for the functioning of any organization. Partnering with Crossdomain will bring in huge efficiency and cost advantages without altering existing processes in your organization.

Crossdomain, with its track record of best practices, innovation mindset and a history of being a Centre of Excellence, has introduced its latest solution, PeopleWorks, a Human Resource Life Cycle Management solution. PeopleWorks is an integrated HR platform that streamlines the entire Employee Life Cycle Management process for organizations of all sizes. This cloud-based HRMS solution is simple, yet comprehensive and flexible in nature.

Our Solutions

  • Recruitment and Separation
  • Employee Database Management
  • Payroll Management
  • Performance & Competency Management
  • Travel & Expense reports review
  • Manage Training Programs
  • Leave management
  • Electronic Personal Dossiers


  • Eliminates usage of multiple HR software and manual processes
  • Seamlessly connects data from one module to another for effective analysis and decision making
  • Flexibility to adapt to your current HR processes
  • Configurable workflow as per your requirement
  • Customizable management reporting
  • Available on cloud, hence saves on initial and recurring investments
  • Offered on ‘Pay as you go’ model – pay for what you use
  • Can access PeopleWorks from anywhere as it is SaaS cloud-based solution

Success Stories
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